About Us

The DTV Agency is an advertising and behavioral science agency, which means we understand how to command more attention in your marketplace and we study how to convince people to take you up on your offer. We build online systems that directly impact your bottom line and give your potential clients an experience that your competition cannot. 

At the DTV Agency, we create custom systems that automate the process of getting the right kind of attention. We then guide that attention through an experience to entice your potential clients to take you up on your offer. We use video advertising and behavioral science to create advertising campaigns, custom funnels, social media content, and other marketing tools that generate leads and sales passively for business owners.

Meet The Dream team

Joshua Fant

Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of the DTV Agency, Josh specializes in people. He is a trusted thought-leader, salesman, and friend. Josh finds immense value in providing entrepreneurs and business owners the digital tools to best assist them grow their companies in the current business landscape.

Ethan Welch

Co-Founder & CMO

Ethan comes from a background in digital marketing and business development. Ethan brings over eight years of experience and business knowledge to the company. Responsible for our clients marketing and online success, he is the man behind the scenes to make sure that the job gets done.

Junaid Alam

Co-Founder & CsO

Junaid has a background in sales and business development. As the Chief Sales Officer, his lengthy experience and management skills make him an incredible asset to the DTV Agency. 

Jon Fant


Jon comes from a background in business finance. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Military Institute. Jon’s skills and expertise assist the company’s day-to-day operations while also building for the future.

Justin Adams

Head of Production

Justin is an inspired, multi-disciplined director focused on telling stories in attractive, responsible, and new ways. Bringing over twelve years of industry creative experience to the team, he can ensure your vision is turned into visuals.

Joslin Banks

Account Executive

Joslin earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Communication from Virginia State University. This is where she also discovered a passion for video production and being a part of a team. Joslin implements her communication and project management skills every day to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service and experiences from DTV.

Caitlyn Gerald

Production Assistant

Caitlyn is friendly and enjoys meeting new clients. Caitlyn started video production and photography as a hobby while studying accounting in college, and fell in love with the art. Caitlyn loves working on her craft and improving her knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Alexa Walters


Alexa has always had an affinity for reading and writing, and developed her communications skill set through her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at SUNY Geneseo. As DTV Agency’s copywriter and editor, Alexa strives to provide the highest quality content for our team and yours, as strong copy builds strong client relationships.

Jordan Bibens

Production Assistant

Jordan comes from a military background. After proudly serving our country Jordan began his career in video and filmmaking and is now a production assistant for The DTV Agency.

Andrew Dobbs

Web Developer

Andrew is a student at Sante Fe college in Florida, furthering his education to obtain an Engineering degree. His Technological and Engineering skills translate well into his role as a website developer. Bringing clients the best quality work that meets their individual needs.