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About Us

We create custom systems that automate the process of getting the right kind of attention. We then guide that attention through an experience that entices your potential customer to take you up on your offer.  We use video advertising and behavioral science to create advertising campaigns, custom funnels, social media content, and other marketing assets that generate leads and sales passively for business owners. 

We are an advertising and behavioral science agency, which means we understand how to command more attention in your marketplace and we study how to get people to take you up on your offer. We build on-line systems that directly impact our client’s bottom line and give your potential clients an experience that your competition cannot.

Overview & Goals

EVCC is a well established college that has had many locations and has been very profitable. The school is facing a dilemma getting any traction and leads from online sources. Even though they are posting, they are not getting any engagement, thus they are not generating any leads and in turn they are not able to profit from social media. Our goal is to make this school omnipresent online with captivating content, sales funnels to generate leads, email campaigns for follow-up and promotion among other marketing tools. Our goal after the first six months is to bring in a 30% increase in EVCC’s online engagement and lead acquisition. After this initial phase we will have a better understanding of the audience and the type of results we can expect. This will Allow us to scale much more rapidly in the second phase.

Scope of Services

Funnel Building

Tribe Building

Email Marketing

The Ultimate
Funnel System

Our Ultimate Funnel System is the perfect marriage between high-quality video production, advanced digital marketing, and conversion based custom sales funnels. If people don’t know about you, then they can’t buy from you. This system is a collection of the most used tools in all industries that are allowing companies to profit from social media.


The Virtual Business Card

This is the fastest way to get people into your funnel. With a tap of a phone, scan of your QR code, or sending of a link, you can turn every connection into a new lead. Who you are, what you do, why people need to buy from you and a simple way to take you up on your offer all from a few clicks. An easy, fast way to exchange contact information with people you meet networking, a great link to put on the bottom of your emails, and a great place for new people to get a feel for who you are.

The Ultimate Funnel Package Comes With

Lead Generation funnel

This is where we leverage your best offer in the marketplace in order to generate qualified leads who are interested in what you have to offer.

Virtual Business Cards

Fully customized Virtual Business Cards with your companies branding. Up to 15 individual profiles for you and your employees. This also includes custom NFC cards or buttons that are used to share each individual card and profile with a simple tap.

3 Professional video advertisements

Three high quality advertisements that will range between 30 - 60 seconds each.

6 months advertising on 2 platforms

This includes 6 months of our advertising management service where we focus on running the three video ads that were created for you on Facebook and Instagram and yielding the best results possible. These 6 months consist of 3 phases: awareness, consideration, and conversion.

3K/ Month

Digital Tribe Building

Tribe building lets you communicate with your audience so that you can understand them in the best way possible. Active SMM campaigns build strong relationships with your customers. With consistent updating, our social media marketing strategy will lead to increased traffic, better SEO, higher conversion rates, improved brand loyalty, and much more.

Digital Tribe Building
Comes With

Content Creation

This is where we leverage your best offer in the marketplace in order to generate qualified leads who are interested in what you have to offer.

Social Media Automization

This consists of implementing a content plan that we have created and scheduling out regular posts/stories at optimal times on your social media platforms to keep your audience engaged and your branding consistent. This also includes the management of your social media such as following and commenting on relevant accounts, as well as liking, sharing and engaging.


3-4 story posts a day - Watching stories has become one of the favorite pastimes for the current generation, we will keep them engaged with intriguing story posts that entertain and educate. Timeline posts will be 3 - 4 times a week. This is where the best content goes, so as we are reaching new audiences they can come to your page and get caught up on the brand.

Data & Analytics

Using a variety of softwares to track your data, we discover what is working well and what is not. Using this data we can optimize your strategy to advance performance. You will be provided with a monthly report on the most important data and results.

Email Marketing Campaign
Comes With

One Email Per Week

When we first get started our marketing team will put together a planned sequence of emails that will be sent out one week at a time. If you wish to send emails at a higher volume our team can accommodate you with an extra email per week for an additional $400.

Professional Copywriting

We use highly skilled and highly paid copywriters to craft powerfully worded emails that entice your readers to take action.


Similar to how we track data for social media, we use email software which provides us analytics that will be used to improve your campaigns performance. We keep you updated and informed with monthly progress reports.

Advanced Targeting

Different people need different messages. We target the right audience to attract your ideal customers.

1,550/ Month

Email Marketing Campaigns

We use a set of planned emails that include professionally written sales copy in a sequence that entices people to take you up on your offer or reconsider doing so.