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About Us

We create custom systems that automate the process of getting the right kind of attention. We then guide that attention through an experience that entices your potential customer to take you up on your offer.  We use video advertising and behavioral science to create advertising campaigns, custom funnels, social media content, and other marketing assets that generate leads and sales passively for business owners. We are an advertising and behavioral science agency, which means we understand how to command more attention in your marketplace and we study how to get people to take you up on your offer. We build on-line systems that directly impact our clients bottom line and give your potential clients an experience that your competition cannot.

The Virtual Business Card

This is the fastest way to get people into your funnel.With a tap of a phone, scan of your QR code, or sending of a link, you can turn every connection into a new lead. Who you are, what you do, why people need to buy from you and a simple way to take you up on your offer all from a few clicks. An easy, fast way to exchange contact information with people you meet networking, a great link to put on the bottom of your emails, and a great place for new people to get a feel for who you are.

Our 3 Core Services

Marketing & Advertising

We use the three E’s to develop content that is tailored for your audience in order to entertain them, educate them, and get them to execute on taking you up on your offer. These efforts are to command attention in your marketplace.

Funnel Building

Once we have commanded the attention, we have to guide that attention through and experience that entices them to become a client. With a series of videos and webpages, we educate people and convince them why you are the best at what you do.

Course Creation

The digital asset that will pay you forever. Once it is created you do not have to create again, and you can sell it in your sleep. Digital assets are the key to generating wealth in the virtual world.

The Ultimate
Funnel System

Our Ultimate funnel system is the perfect marriage between high-quality video production, advanced digital marketing, and conversion based custom sales funnels. If people don’t know about you, then they can’t buy from you. This system is a collection of the most used tools in all industries that are allowing companies to profit from social media.

Achievement & Fulfillment

The customer experience that we create for your audience is truly the best way to communicate your value proposition. In order for people to begin that experience they have to know about you. Leveraging the power of marketing & advertising we can achieve the following.

Asset Management

Informational products are digital assets that You can sell forever! Building a course isn’t easy, and requires someone who is an absolute expert in what they are teaching. Then comes managing and selling the asset thats been created.  When you choose The DTV Agency we create, manage and sell your digital assets.